How It Works

​​AmerInvest Partners provides capital for real estate development and other industry sponsors using the EB-5 Visa Program. Our National Regional Center network offers developers the ability to sponsor projects in 27 states and all major real estate markets.

​We facilitate the EB-5 process, preparing all required project documentation, sourcing EB-5 investors through our Global Broker Partner Network and supporting USCIS regulatory compliance.

To developers and project sponsors our investor sourcing model is unique. Our wholesale approach with financial intermediaries throughout the world gives us a leadership position in distributing qualified projects in all major EB-5 markets.

​We typically seek to invest $10 to $25 million per transaction, although we are open to larger investments. Our investment structure primarily favors senior debt but can look at other parts of the capital stack depending on the project. The firm looks to partner with experienced and proven real estate sponsors in commercial properties and residential apartments in high density markets.

EB-5 Advantages

Offers an attractive and potentially lower cost alternative to traditional capital sourcing channels.
Selecting the right regional center operator can mitigate many of the perceived EB-5 challenges.
EB-5 can be structured as senior secured, mezzanine, preferred equity or common equity.
Can accommodate the specific requirements of the developer’s senior lenders.
Long term (5-7 years) fixed rate financing.

Typical Structure

Regional Center Footprint


AmerInvest leverages a footprint of local broker dealer partners across emerging and frontier markets to build an institutional scale sourcing footprint for EB-5 sponsors.